Certified data wipingfor all your data storage devices.

We use is the most highly-certified wiping technology on the planet and the only wiping
software that meets NIAP's EAL 2+ security standard.

Advanced data wiping technology

Secure and permanent data destruction from your data storage devices beyond forensic data recovery.


We provide certified report for each disk wipe compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001 and local data protection laws.


Safely dispose of the hardware you no longer need. We offer a hassle-free collection of electronic waste in collaboration with an accredited recycling company.


  • Data Breach
  • Penalties and fees due to GDRP infringement or non-compliance with local data protection laws
  • Release of confidential information, including private information on individuals and financial information
  • Damaged company reputation
  • Loss of customers


  • Secure and permanent data destruction
  • Certified report of completion
  • Improved data security
  • Safe to repurpose electronic devices
  • Full audit log compliant with all major data deletion standards, sufficient for an audit trail to prove compliance with data retention and sanitization regulations (IT audit, ISO 27001 certification or for achieving GDPR compliance).

Software certificates

Our software meets or exceeds ALL of the following
international regulatory and technical disk wiping standards:

Global Clients

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