Our data wiping software generates a certified report for each wipe indicating that the overwriting procedure was completed successfully and properly.

Upon completion of data sanitization, an audit log is created detailing the wipe process which is compliant with all major data deletion standards. The audit log includes details such as wipe method, duration of the wiping process, model and the serial number of the data storage device and other details, and it may be used for IT audit, ISO 27001 certification or for achieving GRPD compliance.

The certified reports generated upon data erasure can be automatically delivered at your e-mail address, we can provide them on a flash drive or in a hard copy.

Software certificates

The data wiping software that we use is the most highly-certified wiping technology on the planet and the only wiping software that meets NIAP's EAL 2+ security standard. NIAP Certification means that it complies with ALL of the following international regulatory and technical disk wiping standards: